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SaverTooth Mouthguards is an Australian owned and run company, manufacturing custom fitting mouthguards for professional and amateur athletes of all ages. All design and completion of your custom SaverTooth Mouthguard are carried out by qualified dental technicians with years of experience and only the latest in thermoforming technologies are used, producing a comfortable, protective well-fitting mouthguard that will allow you to focus on winning your athletic event.

With sports nowadays pushing the boundaries of human performance and taking sports science into consideration, getting the most out of athletes is vital, that’s why it’s important that mouthguard technology moves with the times. Most people presume that all mouthguards are made equal and perform the same. This is NOT the case. Custom mouthguards are far superior in every way over the simple “Boil and Bite” over the counter store bought variety which tend to fall out of the mouth and their bulky ‘one size fits all’ interferes with breathing and communication with your team mates.

When purchasing a custom mouthguard, you should expect to see a thickness of 3- 4mm covering the crowns and biting surfaces of the upper teeth.  It should take into consideration the unique arrangement and number of teeth for every individual offering adequate protection over the vulnerable areas of the mouth including the bony gum. The mouthguard should also fit snuggly around your teeth and should not be loose in the mouth.


Your teeth are the only part of your body that can’t repair itself and replacing lost or damaged teeth could cost you thousands in dentist fees. So if you’re serious about your sport and keeping your teeth, get protected with a SaverTooth Mouthguard.


Savertooth benefits

  • Our mouthguards are manufactured to match the exact structure of your mouth, producing a unique one of a kind fit
  • Even contact and thickness over your teeth means an even distribution from an impact, dispersing the force evenly over all teeth and entire jaw
  • Even thickness also allows you to breathe easier and communicate with your team mates freely
  • With a comfortable custom fit your mouthguard won’t be falling out your mouth when you need it most
  • Highest quality heat and pressure laminate materials
  • More cost effective than ordering from your dentist
  • Choice of colours for personalisation
  • Excellent for all sports
  • Take your own (TYO) impressions in the comfort of your own home.


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Select Mouthguard Type


Suitable for younger kids as an
introduction to wearing mouthguards.

  • TYO Impression kit
  • Allowance for growing or missing teeth
  • Dual Layer Laminate 2mm+2mm

Our Starter range comprises of 2 X 2mm laminates which is heated then formed under vacuum pressure to deliver an even thickness and precise custom fit. This is the perfect introduction for your child up to the age of 12 to experience the comfort and ease of wearing their first mouthguards. Allowances are made for missing and growing teeth. 


  • TYO Impression kit
  • Allowance for growing or missing teeth
  • Dual Layer Laminate
  • Added Phone Number
  • Fully Customisable

Our medium range delivers a strong dual layer laminate made with the latest German technology in thermoforming machinery. The first layer of 2mm is formed then cut by hand and inserted back into the machine to apply the next 4mm colour of your choice laminate to produce an excellent all round mouthguard to be worn by both younger and older adults.


Suitable for high impact competitive sports like Hockey, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, MMA, Muay Thai.

  • TYO Impression kit
  • Allowance for growing or missing teeth
  • Triple Layer Laminate
  • Added Phone Number
  • Fully Customisable
  • Lower Impression Included

Our Pro range is the ultimate protection for high impact competitive sports. If you’re a professional athlete or adult wanting to protect those pearly whites, then this is the one for you. Three layers, from the first soft comfortable 2mm layer that hugs your teeth and gums to a middle hard layer which provides that extra protection against the hard knocks, to the final coloured laminated layer offering the last layer of absorption to be evenly distributed throughout the teeth and jaw.


Select Colour Scheme


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Please be advised that we currently do not offer our home impression kits to customers that are currently undergoing any dental work that will alter the dentition after the mouthguard has been manufactured, or are currently wearing fixed orthodontic appliances, or have loose teeth. Please see your local dentist if you have any issues concerning your oral health.

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How It all Works

SaverTooth Mouthguards realise how costly dental visits can be not only to your wallet but also your time. In today’s fast pace society getting to do things in your own home in your own time is ideal. So, when placing your order for a custom SaverTooth mouthguard you will receive a (TYO) take your own impression kit, for you to take your impressions at your convenience.

Placing an order

Simply choose which mouthguard and the colour you require. Once payment is received your TYO impression kit will be on its way to your address.

Taking your impression

Follow the steps and check list in the package. Read several times to become familiar with the process. You can also watch the

video here.

Sending Impression
to our Laboratory

Pack your impression securely in a zip lock bag and place into the box and return in the prepaid express envelope. Once we receive them the manufacturing process is started immediately.

Receiving your Custom Mouthguard

Within 7-9 business days your custom SaverTooth mouthguard will be delivered.Now all you have to do is go out and perform like a pro.

Good luck and thank you for your order

We would love to hear how you get on and any feedback is welcome

how to take your own impression